23.5.13 30lb Tyne Springer........

Out today on the main Tyne below Hexham Graham Young landed this sea liced fish estimated at 30lb. Graham had already fished through the pool once to no avail with a sinking tip and 2 inch tube fly even though fish had been seen and Ross Middleton had already landed a fish earlier. Changing to a very fast tip and 4 inch fly he was fishing through a productive Spring lie when his line stopped dead...... Graham thought he had hooked the bottom until the bottom started shaking it's head violently!

The fish came towards him slowly at first but then took off downstream and then basically did as it pleased for a good 20 minutes before he began to have some say in the matter and was eventually able to tail it and then guide it into what seemed to be a pitifully small net for the job. After a very quick photograph the fish was quickly released and swam off strongly. Graham had previously had Tyne fish to 22lbs so this beat his best by some margin. He was still shaking hours later!



Above Graham's fish and below the fly that did the damage:-