The latest news of fish counts from the EA is very encouraging. Fish have been running under the cover of darkness recently but the rise in temperatures and bigger tides seem to have encouraged more movement with 100 fish running the counter on Sunday alone.

The total for May was in the region of 700 fish and very few of these were sea trout which normally contribute to the numbers at this time of year. In total approximately 1170  fish have run the counter which is slightly better than the 10yr average. The vast majority have been salmon. The arrival of the first sea trout in decent numbers seems to be later than usual possibly due to the colder than usual temperatures. 

Most catches continue to be made above and below the Hexham area as fish are running through the lower river under the cover of darkness in the low water. Fish have also been caught in the South and North Tynes, particularly after a spate.

An usual recent catch for the Tyne included a large Pike caught by Ross Middleton whilst fishing for salmon on a slow stretch near Hexham. The fish weighed around 25lbs and took a hairwing flying c lure. It was safely returned and is thought to have been tempted to take the lure soon after spawning.


Trout fishing on the River Derwent continues to produce some good quality fish with fish beginning to feed on mayfly hatches. This is a time, when hatches develop, that the very best fish in the river will come to a dry fly offering anglers superb sport.

A plea to anglers from the EA (who provide us with a wealth of information on fish activity) is for more scale samples to be sent in. This helps with research and can only benefit the stocks of fish in the long term as well as providing anglers with a nice record of their catch by way of a certificate describing the life history of their fish.

If you would like further details of the Angler Scale Sampling Programme or the Tyne Angler Logbook Scheme or know of someone who would like to join please call the environmental monitoring team on 0191 203 4140.

Tight lines Neil