10.7.13   Another option to explore in the hot bright weather is targeting carp on the fly on the local coarse lakes. These fish will rise freely at this time of year and offer tremendous sport on the fly rod with long powerful runs taking anglers well into the backing. A floating dog biscuit on a hair rig or deer hair/cork imitation will usually do the trick..........here’s a couple from last night-



Trout and Grayling fishing has been excellent on the River Derwent with several anglers landing up to 30 or more fish per visit.

Out with me on his first ever river session last Thursday Charles Stewart landed several trout and a very good grayling to a mixture of nymphs and dries despite the very bright conditions. During the day targeting deep riffles with heavy nymphs or shady spots under overhanging trees with a dry Adams proved successful. In the late evenings fish have been rising to sedges and spinners as the light fades.

 On local stillwaters fish have been rising to hatches of olives during the day as well as good hatches of sedges and buzzer in the evenings.

On the Tyne levels have remained low (2 inches above Summer level and below) for a week and a half and the river is in need of some fresh water so the planned release from Kielder resevoir for Wednesday the 10th will be a much needed boost to both fish and anglers.

There are a number of fish in the river, many of them well into double figures, but the vast majority are confined to a few deep pools and few are moving at the moment. The release, which is planned at 9.3 cumecs will run for 3 days from 6am on Wednesday 10.7.13  to 6am Saturday 13.7.13 and should encourage these fish to move. Sport should pick up while the water lasts. Hopefully the water will not colour or become too weedy for fishing as there is a lot of green stuff starting to build up in the margins.

The odd salmon and sea trout have been landed despite the low conditions with the best sport coming very early or late in the day and to small flies fished on light lines and long leaders but not many rods are out fishing at the moment on the main river.