Well I go away for a weeks holiday and it all happens!

After a very long dry spell with low water and high temperatures the Keilder release, and more significantly the following rain, has moved a lot of fish from the bottom of the river and estuary.

The fish counter at Riding Mill showed that in the region of 4500 salmon and seat trout moved over the space of 5 days and rods out fishing report seeing huge numbers on the move. Anyone lucky enough to be watching at Hexham bridge was treated to the sight of thousands of fish making their way over the weir - I’m told it was quite spectacular!

As expected the rises after such a long dry spell were very dirty and even yesterday (Friday 2nd) the system was still carrying a lot of colour making fishing largely unproductive despite fish being seen all over the system.

There were a few days of good sport with several fish taken on the South Tyne earlier in the week before the second lift of water and the odd fish on the North Tyne yesterday as levels dropped. Many of these were salmon that had been in the estuary for some time and fish carrying sealice but already colouring have been caught and released.

The fishing now should be very good however with the water  clearing. Any fresh water should bring brand new fish into the system and hopefully not too much colour.

No pictures today but there should be some on the way soon.......................


Tight lines,