A very Happy New Year to all Tyne fishers - lets hope it proves to be a productive  one with good runs of salmon and sea trout and some good conditions in which to swing a fly!

Last season was one of decent runs of fish (the EA counter recorded over 31,000) but, at times, testing conditions. With a prolonged and very cold Spring followed by some long spells of very low water fish could be hard, but by no means impossible, to tempt. There were some fantastic days and fish to enjoy and we’re really looking forward to February 1st when anglers will be out in force chasing that fantastic prize - a Tyne springer.

The lower river below Riding Mill will be the place to be with Bywell, Eltringham, the Northumberland Anglers Federation and Wylam the most likely beats to report the first  fresh fish of 2014 - which will of course be carefully returned according to EA regulations.

There have been some big waters recently but I have witnessed plenty of fish spawning in several sections of the river over the last month.

During the close season the North East Fly Casting Club has been meeting previous excess demand from members by running Speycasting courses throughout November. We have also enjoyed a trip to the hatchery at Kielder where we were treated to a tour and were able to witness staff stripping fish and caring for future stocks. Plans for 2014 include an open day, club nights, Speycastng courses, work in several local schools, a trip to the Tay etc.

Anyone interested in finding out more can contact me or visit www.nefcc.co.uk.

Negotiations are continuing to re-site our main river camera at Hexham and I will provide an update as soon as possible. 

It was an absolute pleasure to be out on the river fishing with so many of you last year and I look forward to meeting old and new faces in 2014

Tight lines,