6.3.14 River levels on the Tyne  have been too high for productive fishing for the majority of the season so far but, very encouragingly, when the levels have given anglers a chance, fresh and often sealiced fish have been caught.

Bywell, Styford and Eltringham have all had very fresh fish and beats above the pass have also caught spring fish although some of these are likely to have moved upstream of the pass in December when levels were lower.

The EA report only a handful of fish moving upstream in January and February combined.

Styford have caught their fish from the fish pass pool immediately below the pass itself and several of Bywell’s fish have come from the same pool.

Successful tactics have included both fly and spinner with Black and Yellow and Wille Gunn patterns popular. The zebra toby has accounted for sealiced fish from both Eltringham and Styford.

With a combination of Kielder releasing due to very high reservoir levels and local rainfall, river levels have been rising and pretty much falling continually but the recent letup in rain has meant rods this week have enjoyed the best chance so far. 


A fish landed at Styford this week.


Two fish were caught on Bywell on Monday and another 2 from Bywell was matched by 2 from Styford yesterday (see picture above).

A dry spell of any significant length could see sport really pick up.

On the trout front rods are preparing for opening days around the regions rivers later in March with the Coquet, Derwent and Wear among those popular. 

Traditional wets  including Partridge and Orange, Snipe and Purple, Hares Ears and Waterhen Bloa as well as more deeply sunk nymphs will be successful on most days but any mild spell will encourage hatches of large dark olives which will bring fish to feed on the surface offering early season dry fly sport.

EA staff (contact Morton Heddell-Cowie) request that anglers collect and send them scale samples from any migratory fish caught large or small for their research and they will provide anglers with a free life history certificate of their catch.

Anyone requiring more specific advice on Tyne fishing, guiding or Speycasting tuition can contact me direct.

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