1.4.14  The Tyne continues to produce a very high calibre of Spring fish but the majority have been landed in a very concentrated area of the river.

The water temperature rose high enough to encourage fish to negotiate the fish pass in numbers a fortnight ago, but the following frosts and cooler days combined with high water levels have again slowed movements meaning rods fishing immediately below the pass have enjoyed some excellent sport.

On one day last week 8 fresh fish were landed and as many lost from the same pool. Several were bearing long tailed lice. The best was a magnificent fish that weighed in at 28 1/2 pounds and was landed by Trevor Spence on fly:-



Several fresh fish in the 20’s of pounds have been landed in recent weeks.

Hopefully air temperatures and consequently water temperatures will rise over the next few days which should again encourage upstream movements. Keilder releases have also been lowered to a more favourable level for running fish.

Currently 33  fish have run upstream but the water temperature remains at around 7 degrees centigrade and lower flows combined with a temperature of 9 degrees will encourage more movements.

On the river trouting front fish on the Derwent have been rising sporadically to hatches of Large Dark Olives providing spells of good dry and wet fly fishing for local rods with some nice early season trout and grayling landed. 

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