Conditions and Catches Improving.......

Salmon catches have improved on the lower river in the last two weeks as temperatures struggle upwards.

Eltringham, Bywell, and Styford have reported fresh fish over the last few weeks although numbers are not yet what might be expected at this time of year.The forecast is promising however, with milder weather and some fresh rain coming our way.

Small rises due to snow melt have boosted sport at times.

Reports of fish seen in the estuary persist and it is hoped that the rise in temperatures will encourage more fish to enter the river.

There are also big tides so the week ahead looks promising.

Fish have also been caught at Wylam at the top of the tidal section of the river.

Most fish have been caught on fly but some have fallen to small spinners in the lowish water. Many of the fish caught have been sea-liced. A floating line with sinking tip and dressed double or tube have been successful but at lest one fresh fish has been caught on a full floating line with long leader and small Park Shrimp.

There have been hatches of large dark Olives on most days and some trout have been rising sporadically. The rise in temperatures forecast should herald the start of some top quality dry fly fishing as hatches become more prolonged. Rising fish should be found between the hours of 11 and 4 o’clock on most days but spiders and nymph fishing will also be productive as trout feed on emerging insects.

Any angler successful in landing a Springer or kelt is encouraged to send scale samples to the EA - details and sample packets from Morton Heddell-Cowie :- call 0191203 4140 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rods looking for advice on Tyne Spring fishing or casting tuition can contact me direct.

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