An April Day to Remember

"I'd given Neil a ring a few weeks before to arrange a days fishing with a little casting instruction mixed in to brush up my skills. We met in Corbridge on the main River Tyne near where we were to fish that day. The stretch of river we fished was beautiful and the water was up a little with a slight peaty tinge, perfect. Over to Neil, he gave me a little help with my snake roll cast which helped immensly with the downstream breeze that day. He followed this up with some detailed advice on where I was most likely to find a salmon at that height of water and how to fish these lies in a long run that was just stunning!! After a dozen or so casts working down the pool to where Neil had indicated there was a good lie next to a submerged boulder, the line stopped..... a rock...... no a FISH ! Well, all started off as a fairly quiet affair with the fish holding deep and moving upstream slowly, but this wasn't to last. Next the fish went balistic, the first run was a a 60 yard downstream dash heading back to sea followed by several more powerful runs, 10-15minutes later Neil expertly slid the net under a huge bar of solid silver, a Tyne springer, the most beautiful fish I'd ever seen, fresh from the sea with a baltic blue back, almost mirror like flanks and sea lice to boot. It was quickly unhooked in the water by Neil then he took a couple of quick snaps and I, with very shaky hands, returned this amazing fish to the river to continue its journey. What an unforgettable day. Thanks for making it possible Neil".

Richard, Kielder in Northumberland.

"As an avid trout & grayling fisherman covering all water throughout the North East for over 20 years. I decided to try salmon fishing on a few beats on the Tyne and in Scotland. I also joined the Tyne Federation beat during 2010-2011, fishing right through the season in good and indifferent conditions. My first season was unsuccessful failing to land any fish on the fly.
This season I had the pleasure of meeting Neil Lobban through this casting and teaching program. He is a qualified casting instructor in the North East with a high knowledge of all casting techniques and having in depth information on the various beats throughout the region. I decided, after fishing early Spring without success, to hire Neil for some casting instruction. We fished a main river beat on the Tyne in September’12.
After fixing a few of the failings within my casting dynamic, he then identified issues in my fly placement and fiy depth. I was into my first salmon within the first hour of fishing and the fish pictured was my largest that day of just over 13lb.
I felt this tuition was invaluable to me and would recommend this casting program for any casting level. Not only was I guided through the intricacies of the different casting techniques, I was also guided in fly placement and ensuring my fly was covering fish and fishing effectively throughout the whole cast.
Highly recommended"

Micky from Gateshead

“Neil leads by example. Excellent river-craft and presentation ensures he is consistently landing fish – even when all around him aren’t! He is an attentive thorough coach.”

Ross Middleton Level 2 angling coach all disciplines, Tyne ghillie and angling consultant

“We had a really fun day and caught a lot of fish. Neil explained things really well and told us how to be successful”.

Freddie aged 10 from London

“On my first trip, Neil inspired me with so much confidence, that I knew I was going to get my first salmon on the fly. 14lbs of silver was the result. If you want to catch a fish Neil will show you how”

John from Glossop

“My dad and I were fortunate enough to spend a most enjoyable day on the river with Neil. His friendly banter made the day one to remember. He passed on all of his knowledge of the beat which was exceptional and ultimately led to me catching a beautiful 15lb plus salmon. Thanks Neil, we’re  looking forward to our next trip with you already”

Andrew from Yorkshire

“Neil is a superb tutor and has taught me all I know. Without his instruction catching my first salmon would not have been possible”

Jonathan from Southend aged 16.